Sunday, 21 May 2017

Flat Track progress

Since the first round of the DTRA at Rye House in April 
I've managed to get two practice sessions at Stoke Speedway, while at Rye House I really didn't feeling confident on the track. Being around other riders made me feel nervous incase I made a mistake which would endanger them. I don't want to be THAT guy who would cause a crash from going out of control, so getting out on the track at Stoke Speedway has been really helpful in improving my riding and building my confidence with the bike and riding hard on a speedway track. 

The second session there I started to pick my speed up and feel confident.

After getting to do lots of laps on a Speedway track I was really looking forward 
to racing at Round 2 at Peterborough. 

Sami and I made the road trip from South Wales up to Peterborough friday afternoon ready for the weekend of racing. We had a really good camp set up amongst the other riders, there is a really good vibe at DTRA races which is refreshing coming from other forms of motorsport.

Heading out onto the track for a heat race.

The first heat race really didn't go the way I want it to, struggled with line selection 
and getting up to pace. Second and third heats went a lot better with 4th in both, good starts and getting on the pace with a couple good battles along the way. I was really disappointed
not to make the main in the Thunderbike class as that was my target for this round.

Bike all cleaned after Round 2, I've decided to strip the thing down and
make it my own.
Look out for the bike at Round 3

Keep an eye out for 170 at the next round!